What is Symptometry?

Symptometry is neither alternative medicine nor allopathic (drug) medicine.

Do you want a pain-free, disease-free body full of energy, creativity, and healthy longevity?

Symptometry is the most scientific yet natural method of curing and preventing illness. We customize recovery plans so that your cells, genes, DNA, and lymphatic system regain optimal function and rid both body and mind of disease.

Are you ready to improve?

Meet the Founder

Author and founder of Symptometry: Originator of Root Cause TherapeuticsTM, Dr. Maxwell Nartey has helped countless people heal from chronic and acute diseases by removing known hindrances from the cells, from DNA, from blood and from … [read more…]

Health-Conscious Podcast

While only a symptometrist can remove the cellular blockages that cause and prolong disease, anyone can take advantage of the simple, easy-to-use health tips offered in past podcasts. The interviews feature the founder of Symptometry.

What People are Saying

In its 20-year history, Symptometry has cured hundreds of individuals and currently has hundreds more under Dr. Nartey’s care. All health cases are protected by patient-doctor confidentiality.