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Author and founder of Symptometry: Originator of Root Cause TherapeuticsTM, Dr. Maxwell Nartey has helped countless people heal from chronic and acute diseases by removing known hindrances from the cells, from DNA, from blood and from the lymphatic system. He does this using a simple, but scientific 19-step method to nourish the cells, to maintain the body’s electrical balance, and to boost the positive energy (nurturing) in the ailing individual’s environment.Originally trained as a Doctor of Homoeopathic Medicine and a Doctor of Natural Health, Dr. Nartey is now also a current Fellow of the British Institute of Homoeopathy, a Doctor of Symptometry, a therapeutic scientist, a researcher and a Licensed Symptometrist.


He is the inventor of root cause therapeutics, correlation diagnostics, and symptoms as codes, deconstructive research, therapeutic science and applied quantum physics. In fact, the copyright office of the library of Congress, Washington, D.C., has recognized under copyright registration number TXu 1-621-370 twenty-two original concepts and doctrines, the name Symptometry and the name applied therapeutic science as his inventions. As such, they are protected under intellectual property rights.Dr. Nartey, DHM, NHD founded Symptometry in 1992. After fourteen years of laboratory research and applicability, he made root cause therapeuticsTMavailable to the public. Then, in 2010, he established the American School of Symptometry to train additional Doctors of Symptometry. The Board of Symptometry fully accredited American School of Symptometry in 2011.

As Symptometry is the first entirely science-based therapeutics that both identifies the ROOT CAUSE of a disease in the individual and uses all natural therapeutic products to remove it, licensed symptometrists and authorized coaches are able to help those battling:

  • genetic and autoimmune diseases
  • viral and chronic diseases 
  • cancer, diabetes, heart disease, loss of mobility and other diseases triggered by diet & lifestyle habits

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