Thank you for exploring root cause therapeuticsTM!  Please review the answers to our most frequently asked questions.  We look forward to helping you enjoy optimal health and a disease-free body.



What is Symptometry?

Symptometry is the only applied therapeutic science in the world that helps people to cure themselves and prevent the return of illness. One cannot consider themselves cured if their symptoms return after they stop taking a particular herbal, topical or pharmaceutical remedy. This is why symptometrists empower health seekers through scientific enlightenment.

Who is a symptometrist?

A symptometrist is a doctor who helps the cells to cure a disease.  By the end of your recovery process:

(1) your cells will be able to function properly without reliance on outside aid and

(2) you will know how to eat scientifically so that you do not invite illness back into your life.

Unlike most health services, you will not be dependent on a symptometrist to keep you well. You will be in full control of your health.

How can a symptometrist help me heal?

In addition to prescribing particulates and molecules, Symptometry teaches cell nourishment – not nutrition – and it deliberately bypasses the use of pharmaceutical drugs and questionable theories when restoring a person’s health. Curing is proving.



What is a particulate?

Particulates are natural, FDA-approved subatomic particles made from the concentrated healing agents in plants, animals, minerals, and other tools from ‘Mother Nature.’  They serve to remove blockages from the cells and eliminate hindrances from DNA as well as from the genes.  Homeopaths call them ‘remedies’. Symptometrists call them by their scientific name – particulates.

Are there any side effects from particulates?

No, there are no side effects from particulates. Many people report an increased awareness, both mentally and in their five senses. However, you will not experience the dangerous side effects often reported with prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Will Symptometry’s particulates interfere with my current medications?

Particulates never interfere with prescribed medications. However, your chemically manufactured prescriptions and even over-the-counter drugs often cancel out the healing power of the scientifically prescribed natural ingredients that make up the particulates.


What will my treatment include?

All Symptometry health packages include (1) particulates to address the specific health conditions you share during your consultation, (2) molecules (if necessary) to assist your cells in healing, (3) a health guide (so that you don’t accidentally interrupt the healing process) and (4) two 15-minute follow-up consultations with your licensed symptometrist during each month services are needed.

How much does Symptometry treatment cost?

All recovery packages follow Symptometry’s healing strategy and the charge for one month of health services depends on the number of health challenges you want addressed. 

Do you accept insurance?

At this time, Symptometry does not accept major medical insurance for treatment services because (1) our health packages are economically priced and (2) we offer discounts to assist those on a fixed income.